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KY Pro Services is having more than three decades of combined professional experience in the Management Consultancy and Advisory Services. We deeply follow the objective of Know Your Customer (KY) better than others and that is what our name stands for

kY has Deep Consulting Expertise in providing niche corporate services in the fields of Virtual Accounting Services, Asset Verification Services, Risk Advisory Services (Management Audits) including Business Diagnostics and Due Diligence, Tax and Regulatory Services, Litigation and Compliance.

Our Core Principle is to help the management achieve its desired objectives by suggesting and providing an apropos mix of services

  • A Single Stop for all your Accounting & Tax matters
  • Professional approach in finding the solutions
  • Managed by the Qualified Professionals
  • Vast resource pool with knowledge of different industries
  • End to End services to the Start-ups
  • Government Incentive Schemes for Industries
Satisfied Customers
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Our Vision

To provide high quality services in the field of accounting, Tax, Risk Assurance and Business advisory services by ensuring value addition in everything we do.

Our Mission

Improving Business through Meaningful Accounting, Taxation, Business and Risk Advisory Services

Our Values

Balancing the customers and employees needs hand in hand and ensuring a better eco system

Profit Maximization

Providing customized MIS with deep insights into Entity’s business trend, expense pattern and the current path in which the entity is travelling and then a detailed discussion with the stake holders to lay down specific actionable steps to achieve the objective. Business Diagnostics & Due Diligence provides the As Is Position of the Company w.r.t the financial & compliance position. Review of Controls serves the initial purpose of identifying the material weaknesses. Implementation of SOPs and Procedures will ensure correct the weaknesses. Management (Internal) Audit helps ensure regular review of the systems in place and suggests corrective measures for improvement and strengthening of controls.

Compliance, Transparency and Good Governance

Our Transparent accounting practices, compliances and reporting as well as or objective Good Corporate Add Value to Client in the best way possible complying with all the regulations. Where necessary, the firm has access to team of experts in technical fields such as Information Technology, Legal, Actuary, Costing, Compliance Experts and Valuers etc., as a motto to ensure that the clients receive all professional services under one roof.

Offering high quality professional services with a very high level of client commitment is something we always do. We follow Dedicated Team Model (DTM) to serve client with increased productivity.

In order to achieve the objectives, we provide a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals which meets the requirements of the Client and allows to accomplish the planned amount of work.

We try to understand what you, the business person, needs. This understanding always remains the basis on which our services are tailored.

Why choose us?

Our consulting services will serve as the cornerstone around which your company will build its expansion
Environmental and economic considerations must be taken into account in order to achieve sustainable development. You can do this with our help.
Business performance, which is linked to commercial effectiveness, is defined by a company's ability to adopt optimal organisation to fulfil customer expectations

KY - One stop solution for all your business needs